Street food in Yogyakarta

If you are going to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, then I really can recommend the street food. It’s cheap, good and it’s what Indonesians are eating. There are two tips to think about though:

1) By food from a street restaurant that is only open in the evening. That means that the food will be fresh.

2) The food should be made when you are there and not some that has stored the food outside for 24 hours.

If you are following these two rules then the risk of having stomach problems has decreased considerably.


Grab in Indonesia

Now I have been using the app: Grab, it’s an taxi app where you can either book a car or a moped (called motor in Indonesia). I really can recommend it, the driers are everywhere, my came in s minute. It’s cheap, a ride of 3km costed me ~0.7$. Because it’s booked as locals, the price is fixed. There are other local apps, that will do the same but they are in Indonesian so it can be complicated to use.

I can recommend it.

TFP-photography, Aliyah Howard

Sunday, 29 of April, I participated in the m.p.c_ meeting. Its a good and funny way to becoming a better photographer / model, in South Korea. Usually the meetings are around in Seoul but this weekend it was in Suwon, Hwaseong fortress.

I was taking photos of Aliyah

무료 결혼 사진?


나는 아마추어 사진이고, 나는 그 도전을 받아 들였다. Should Newer Photographers Shoot Weddings for FREE? Wedding Photographer Jason Lanier says Yes 나는 전에 결혼 사진 촬영을 한 적이 없으므로 무료로 해드릴 것입니다. 당신은 친구가 그것을 한 것보다 더 나은 더 좋은 사진을 갖게 될 것이고, 나는 그것을 배우게 될 것입니다. 나는 10 개의 결혼식을 무료로 할 것이고, 나는 결혼 사진 촬영을했다고 말할 수있다. 나는 한국의 대전에 살고 있습니다. 여행을해야한다면, 나는 대중 교통 수단과 호텔에 대한 지불을 기대하고있다. 나는 한국에서 일하고 (월요일 – 금요일), 그래서 주말에 할 수 있습니다.

Shooting a wedding for free?


I’m an amateur photography, I have accepted the challenge: Should Newer Photographers Shoot Weddings for FREE? Wedding Photographer Jason Lanier says Yes . I have never done a wedding photography before, so I will do it for free. You will have better photos that is better than if a friend did it and I will learn from it. I will do 10 weddings for free and then I can say that I have done wedding photography. I’m living in Daejeon, South Korea. If I must travel, then I’m just expecting payment for the public transportation and the hotel (if it’s in the evening). I’m working in Korea (Monday – Friday), so I can do it at weekends.


A good grip belt for Canon cameras

I have been looking for a grip belts that is good and safe to use for Canon cameras. The usually grip belts that are sold, they are not so comfortable and are not secure to use. Then I ordered Fuji GB-001 grip from eBay, its a 3-point grip and is secure. I took a chance, because I did not know if it would be working on a Canon body, but it’s working very good. I have been walking around with it and almost forgetting that I was using it. I’m posting some pictures so you can see. of how it looks like at a Cannon 80D.

Subway Dancers in Daejon

At the Seodaejeon negeori subway station, the there is a possibility to train dance public. I was asking them if I could come and take photos, they told me okay and the next day I took these photos. Afterwards I edited them and then I sent the photos to them.

If you look at the second photo, then you will see the cute typical heart fingers, it’s a very popular/ easy way to say Love in Korea.

It was funny to do and I could think of taking more photos of different dancers.

The Chinese New Year

When I was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia then I was visiting the biggest Chinese Temple in the town. I asked them if it could take photos and they said yes you can. I arrived approximately 2 hours before the process started, so I had time to go around and they got used to me. I really enjoyed it and I wants to thank them that I could see their procession. In Jogya there is a small China town, next to Malioboro street. I can recommend to visit it. Here comes some photos of the visit.