My Insta360 one is broken

I got my Insta360 one yesterday and I just got confirmation that it is broken. It’s the Bluetooth that’s wrong and it can’t be fixed by remote. The error search was made by the app LightBlue.

I bought it at EBay and now it will be interesting to see, when and how I will get a new one.

I will update it continuously.


Two things you need if you are moving to Korea.

There are two things that you need buying if you are moving to Korea.

1). If the studio that you are renting doesn’t have central air conditioning then a dehumidifier is necessary. If you don’t buying it, then the humidity level in the flat will go up to very high levels. Your clothes will not be drying and there is a risk of mold in your flat. I usually running the dehumidifier 3 hours after taking a shower. Then the flat is dry an there is no molding problem.

2). Because of the bad air quality, I bought it air cleaner, it should have a Hepa-filter. I have it on continuously, from October until April. When I’m at home, then I knows that the air quality is good. The important thing, for the lungs is that the average time of pollution is low. So even you are exposed at high levels for short time outside, then it’s okay because it’s good quality at yours home.

How avoiding stomach problems in Indonesia.

Now I have been in Indonesia an couple of times and I figured out of what you can eating etc.

1: You should be drinking tabulated water. Do not drink the tap water, Indonesian are not drinking it either.

2: If the food is coming directly from the kitchen then it’s okay to eat. I have been eating at street food places and so far I have not had any problems.

3: Ice cream is fine.

4. In Indonesia there is a tradition to store food outside over the night or so. For trained stomachs it’s maybe fine, but for me that is living in Korea, I can’t make it. I have got food poisoning 2 times, so that should be avoided.

Now I’m avoiding that cold food and since then I’m fine of eating everything else.