As a westerner, I’m trying to eat non-Asian food once per week. Yes, I can then eat hamburgers, but it’s becoming boring after a while. So, I’m trying to find and eat some other food. I have tried to find real authentic “Swedish” Kebab but can’t find it. I have so far found one place, it’s in the food corner at Lotte Departmrent store.

The food: Its Burrito bread, filled with cabbage, some sauce and chicken meat. It’s quite good and I can recommend it. If there were a Taco Bell in Daejeon, I would love to go there, but since it’s in Seoul, it’s not an option. Its costs 4000 won (4500 including a soda) so it’s a fair price.img_6193

Green is normal strength.

The red one is the spicy variant.

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