A saleswoman at Pasar PatukSeorang pramuniaga di Pasar Patuk. A salesman ing Pasar Patuk. 판매원. I like to go around the markets, taking photos of different people. This person, she was sitting next to me and selling things.

When I’m in Yogyakarta, I likes to go out early, when the sun is not to harsh and the temperature is not too high. Usually I’m going outside 6-7AM and coming back 9.

If you are going to Indonesia, I can really recommend to going to a traditional market, (Pasar in Indonesian). Just ask the lobby of your hotel, they will know where the markets are. At the market you will be for sure the only tourist. You will see that the peoples are very friendly, and they are normally appreciating that you are taking photos of them. They can be a little shy in the beginning but if you are sitting with them for a while and showing them the results, normally the people are happy and proud that someone has taken photos of them.


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