This year at Buddha’s birthday, the 22th May 2018, I was visiting the temple Donghaksa. It is very nice to see how the people are worshiping their god. Some people are praying a long-time ad to each Buddha statue, some are just looking in and then leaving. I was lucky this year because I got the permission of taking photos when people were praying inside of the temple. AS you can see from the photos, both man and woman, small children and elder persons were going to the temple. Normally you must pay 1-3$ as entrance fee of the national park (in cash) but at Buddhas birthday it was free entrance.

During my visit I was invited to the nun’s office and was able of chatting with the head of the nun’s. I was explaining that I like to take photos of different religions and then I was offered of taking photos inside of the temple. For me it doesn’t matter witch religion I’m visiting, it’s interesting to see how people are worshiping their religion. I think its part of being a human and building a culture/ society.

If you are planning of going there next year, then I recommend that you take the bus 107 as early as possible. I entered the bus stop near Mc Donald’s /Youseong spa station near exit No. 5 and then the bus was completely full. Because of that the busses had to pass a lot of stops without taking up anybody.

This was the third part of visiting different religious communities. I will continue this serial now and then.

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