On duty 24/7

The pedicab drivers are on duty 24/7. They are waiting for customers and when it’s little business, they are even sleeping there.


How avoiding stomach problems in Indonesia.

Now I have been in Indonesia an couple of times and I figured out of what you can eating etc.

1: You should be drinking tabulated water. Do not drink the tap water, Indonesian are not drinking it either.

2: If the food is coming directly from the kitchen then it’s okay to eat. I have been eating at street food places and so far I have not had any problems.

3: Ice cream is fine.

4. In Indonesia there is a tradition to store food outside over the night or so. For trained stomachs it’s maybe fine, but for me that is living in Korea, I can’t make it. I have got food poisoning 2 times, so that should be avoided.

Now I’m avoiding that cold food and since then I’m fine of eating everything else.

Butcher at the market

The butcher is standing outside, just under sun umbrella. He is chopping chickens to small pieces and then selling it.

If you wants to see it, you have to be there early, 6-8am. Then everything is happening.

Going from Daejon to Incheon airporto

When I’m going abroad then I’m booking a bus ticket a bus ticket 5 hours before the flight.

The official bus time is 2 hours and 30 minuets. But once it took me 3 hours and 30 minutes. It was long queues at the check in and when I came to the gate then it was time for boarding.

When it’s “normal” then the complete transfer process at the airport takes 15-30 minuets but occasionally one hour.

So summary I recommend 5 hours.

Book the bus ticket at least 3 Days before, I recommend one week. Now I was buying it a week before and then the bus was filled up to 70%. It’s Chuseok so many Koreans are going abroad. Update: If you is taking a morning flight the first day then it will take some hours to pass the security. I was going at 5 pm and then there was no queues. The bus ticket can be booked online or at the bus station. I’m buying at the government complex bus stop. The cost is 23.100 won.

Just one example: I was speaking with a Canadian woman once and she had to wait 2 hours, just because all the busses were full. I have no clue if she made it or not but I would have been very nervous.