Hero rats

Maybe that you have already seen it but it was new to me. In Cambodia they are using special rats to detect land mines. It’s a NGO-organization called APOPO that is running the program. It’s just amazing, look at the Video how it is working.

The rats are also detecting TBC, and they are doing so with a much higher accuracy then humans.

APOPO is now experimenting of detecting people after earthquakes.


Buying cheese in Korea

As a foreigner in South Korea you can be missing some food, for example chesse. You can buy imported cheese at the big grocery stores but then its usually then its already sliced (then its not smelling/ tasteing as originally) and very expensive.

In the beginning, then I was missing the big solid cheeses packages, but then I found good alternatives at Costco. Im posting 2 examples of good American cheese, its not as from Sweden, but I can really recommend them. Now Im just bringing a kg of Västerbottensost.

People may wonder of how Im preparing it, well I prefer to use a cheese slicer. With that tool you are getting a perfect thickness and its still smelling as it was intended. The slicer it can be found at IKEA or online.


Myeongryang Battle Festival

I was travelling a bus tour to the Myeongryang ( Battle Festival The Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival (명량대첩축제) this Saturday. At this place Korea won a naval battle vs. with the boats numbers 13 vs. 133, see Battle of Myeongnyang.

I have made a video from it. Look at the swirling water, it is tidal water that is going through this bottle neck. The direction of the water is depending of the moon and the direction changes after 3 hours. The tidal water/ change in the direction was used as an advantage in the battle. That is why the Koreans could win with a 1:10 ratio.

It’s funny to see how they are still celebrating this extra ordinary victory.

It would be nice to see when they are launching fireworks, as an illustration of their artillery, but due to time restrictions we missed it.

When you are travelling with a bus tour you are restricked by the time and there fore the filming is not done in optimum conditions.

However if I wasent travelling on this bus tour, in reality I would never have been going there alone. So actually the tour gave me an opurtunity of meeting new friends and see new parts of Korea.

Update: I have been adding a video at Wando, over the hotel where we were staying over the night.

Update II: Now I have updated a video from the  Gugyedeung Beach of Jeondgo-ri.

This upcomming weekend

This weekend I will go on a bus tour Myeongnyang Battle Festival. I will take my drone with me and if its not raining, then I will be filming it. Here is a short video of the battle,  it will be funny to go there.

Why Im going with a us tour? The answer is, I will see things and places in Korea that I would probably never go to. First of all, I dident know that these events existed and if I knew, I probably would never go there alone.

After the tour then I will add videos and write about it. Next week there will be material added…

Kebab in Daejon

As a westerner, I’m trying to eat non-Asian food once per week. Yes, I can then eat hamburgers, but it’s becoming boring after an while. So I’m trying to find and eat some other food. I have tried to find real authentic “Swedish” Kebab, but can’t find it. I have so far found one place, it’s in the food corner at Lotte Departmrent store.

The food: Its Burrito bread, filled with cabbage, some sauce and chicken meat.  Its quite good actually and I can recommend it. If there where a Taco Bell in Daejon, I would love to go there, but since its in Seoul, its not an option. Its costs 4000 won (4500 including a soda) so its a fair price.


Green is normal strength.

The red one is the spicy variant.


This Saturday, I Will go to Gubongsan, it’s mountain southeast of Daejeon. However it has been raining a lot these two weeks, so if it continues I will cancel it.Last weekend I was visiting at nice, temple: Yong-Amsa(용암사 옥천). I made a video of it: Yong-Amsa.

I was visiting it on Sunday morning (to see the sunset etc.) by going there by bus. I was passing Okcheon. It was a sleeping small city. The farmers were packing up their harvest to sell it on the market (its near to the busstation).

After waiting one hour, I got on a bus that took me a bus stop near the temple. It took me about 30 minutes to reach the temple from the nearest bus stop.

When I was going back I got lift from a local from the village. They told me that I had to wait a long time until next bus. I just wants to say thanks for the lift (he never told me his name). The conclusion is: Its a nice temple but visit by car.