Myeongryang Battle Festival

I was travelling a bus tour to the Myeongryang ( Battle Festival The Great Battle of Myeongryang Festival (명량대첩축제) this Saturday. At this place Korea won a naval battle vs. with the boats numbers 13 vs. 133, see Battle of Myeongnyang.

I have made a video from it. Look at the swirling water, it is tidal water that is going through this bottle neck. The direction of the water is depending of the moon and the direction changes after 3 hours. The tidal water/ change in the direction was used as an advantage in the battle. That is why the Koreans could win with a 1:10 ratio.

It’s funny to see how they are still celebrating this extra ordinary victory.

It would be nice to see when they are launching fireworks, as an illustration of their artillery, but due to time restrictions we missed it.

When you are travelling with a bus tour you are restricked by the time and there fore the filming is not done in optimum conditions.

However if I wasent travelling on this bus tour, in reality I would never have been going there alone. So actually the tour gave me an opurtunity of meeting new friends and see new parts of Korea.

Update: I have been adding a video at Wando, over the hotel where we were staying over the night.

Update II: Now I have updated a video from the  Gugyedeung Beach of Jeondgo-ri.